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Introduction To Carts
- Nov 08, 2018 -

The trolley is a moving vehicle driven and pulled by manpower; The trolley has one-wheel, two-wheeled, three-wheeled and four rounds. The wheelbarrow can be driven on narrow springboard, bridge and sheep's intestines, can be turned in situ, and it is very convenient to dump the goods. The commonly used two-wheeled vehicles have hand-pushed trucks (also known as Tigers) carrying items, rickshaw and trailers, which carry scattered materials. One of the three-wheeled trolleys has two rotary casters that can rotate around the lead shaft (see the swivel casters).

In operation, the rotary caster can automatically adjust to the direction of least running resistance with the change of the direction of movement of the vehicle. Trolleys of different uses have different body structures. Most general purpose four-wheeled trolleys have a cargo platform. Dedicated trolley is a wide range of structures, some car system into boxes, suitable for handling light weight and easy to load and unload items, some of the vehicle body out of the bracket, easy to place rods, shafts and pipes and other parts, some of the body shape is completely consistent with the goods, such as cylinders, some very small, can be folded, easy to carry, Paper rolls and other cylindrical goods, there are two flat steel on the body to form a low slant, in order to facilitate the cylinder roll up and down, such as cylindrical cargo loading and unloading vehicle. Modern trolleys are fitted with rolling bearings and solid tires or inflatable tires for wheels.

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