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The Domestic Development Stage Of Fast Food Restaurant
- Nov 08, 2018 -

Modern Chinese fast food shop in the late 80 to the 90 's development process, the vast number of enterprises have the courage to practice, do not fear setbacks, overcome difficulties, forge ahead, hard work, in the development also reflects the characteristics of groping and impulsive type.

Through this stage of practice, the vast number of enterprises have accumulated experience, see the shortcomings, and constantly summarize and reflect, so that Chinese fast food into the new century, the development of a more solid, rational accumulation based on the development characteristics of the performance of more obvious:

(1) The development of ideas more objective, pay more attention to from the objective reality, reduce the development of blindness and impulse;

(2) Capital investment more reasonable, enterprises pragmatic, investment pay attention to return, development focus on the foundation, expansion focus on survival;

(3) The market connection is more close, the positioning of enterprises closer to the market, to meet the diversified needs of the market;

(4) The distribution of open stores is more regional, most enterprises first based on local and regional expansion, to take steps, and gradually promote the strategy, to achieve effectiveness;

(5) in the accumulation of more deep, strengthen their own infrastructure construction and management support system construction, and constantly accumulate internal power, the pursuit and maintenance of sustainable development of enterprises; (6) The development of enterprises has become more stable, the phenomenon of ups and downs and excessive speculation has obviously weakened, emphasizing steady, steady development and continuous improvement.