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Kiosk Material Selection Requirements
- Nov 08, 2018 -

First, the top of the kiosk:

1, the top cover plate using galvanized steel plate capping, durable, insulated and guaranteed not to leak.

2, the newspaper pavilion on the other sides of the use of thick galvanized plate, surface spraying automotive metal paint.

Second, kiosk column:

1, the column using square steel pipe splicing, surface spraying automotive metal paint.

III. Kiosk Framework

1, the frame using square steel welding molding dragon skeleton, the frame as a whole to do anti-rust treatment, the overall structure of the pavilion body strong seismic windproof coefficient is high, corrosion resistance;

Four, kiosk external sealing plate

1, the outer seal plate using high-quality galvanized plate bending molding after welding, the appearance of grinding treatment after spraying advanced automotive paint.

2, the outer seal plate and lining fireproof flame Retardant plate connection is firm, acid and alkali corrosion, has enough strength to the pavilion waiter and cargo to play a protective role;

V. Sealing boards in kiosks

1, the use of ivory white color steel plate affixed fireproof flame retardant plate and internal square steel keel tightly connected, can make the overall feeling of the pavilion clean and generous.

2, the pavilion from the inside to the outside a total of five layers, in full compliance with the requirements of the newspaper booth production norms;

Vi. Kiosk Ground

1, the floor using expressway toll booth anti-static flooring;

2, the bottom of the galvanized steel through as a skeleton structure;

VII. Electrical Appliances in kiosks 

1, electrical appliances in strict accordance with the gb5226.1-2008 standard design, pavilion with five hole socket, fluorescent lamp disk, switch, socket, etc., all line casing in the pavilion hidden in the mezzanine, this design is safe and reasonable, easy maintenance.