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Kiosk Production Process
- Nov 08, 2018 -

1, Kiosk support column: The use of stainless steel molding square through welding;

2, Information kiosk frame: the use of stainless steel molding square through welding;

3,newspaper pavilion inside the panel: high-quality color steel plate;

4, kiosk post inner wall: the middle of the square frame, internal and external lining planks;

5, kiosk Base: The bottom layer for the angle steel frame, the middle of the plank surface for anti-skid plate;

6,kiosk outside the top: the middle for the square frame, the surface layer for high-quality stainless steel plate;

7, kiosk activity door: high-quality stainless steel plate;

8, Kiosk Activity window: high-quality plastic steel profiles;

9, Kiosk standard configuration: Fluorescent lamps, switches, sockets, dark compress lines;

10, Kiosk plus equipment: Workbench, air conditioning rack, exhaust fan, leakage switch, drawer;