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Decorative Furnishings For Fast Food Restaurants
- Nov 08, 2018 -

Fast food restaurant furnishings should not only be beautiful, but also practical, not readily available, random stacking. All kinds of decorative items vary according to their dining environment. The decoration of the restaurant in the kitchen should be paid attention to in harmony with the facilities in the kitchen; set in the living room of the restaurant decoration, should pay attention to the living room function and style of unity, if the restaurant for the independent type, can be designed according to the overall pattern of the bedroom relaxed romantic, relatively speaking, decorative independent restaurant, its freedom is larger. Specifically, the restaurant soft decoration, such as tablecloth, napkins and curtains, it is recommended that you should try to choose thinner chemical fiber materials, because of thick cotton spinning fabrics, easy to absorb food smell and not easy to disperse, not conducive to restaurant environmental health; Flowers can play a role in regulating psychology, beautify the environment, but avoid flowery, make people irritable and affect appetite. For example, in a dim light dinner, if the use of red, blue, purple and other dark vases, it will be stable. The same flowers, if used in a sub-luncheon, will appear warm and unrestrained. White, pink and other pale flowers for dinner, it will appear bright and dazzling, people excited. The form of the bottle flower and the dining table should also be harmonious, the rectangular table, the insertion of the bottle flower should form the triangle, while the round table, the bottle flower is inserted to form the circle as well. Should note that the restaurant is mainly tasting delicacies, so can not be used fragrant varieties, so as not to interfere with the flavor of food. It is recommended that your restaurant space should also be in the form of vertical greening, in the vertical space, hanging or hanging carbon and other forms of embellishment to green plants. Lighting molding should not be too cumbersome, to facilitate the practical up and down pull lamps is appropriate? Sometimes you can also use luminescent holes, through soft light, both to limit space, but also to obtain a cordial sense of light. In the hidden corner, it is best to arrange a speaker, dining, timely play a soft and wonderful background music, medically believed to promote the secretion of digestive enzymes in the human body, promote gastric peristalsis, conducive to food digestion. Other soft decorations, such as calligraphy, porcelain plate, wall hanging, etc., can be flexibly arranged according to the specific situation of the restaurant, to embellish the environment, but be careful not to make a noise, so as to avoid the restaurant appears messy.

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