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The Folk Social Fire Of The Cart
- Nov 08, 2018 -

A wheelbarrow rack is made of wooden strips, and the left and right sides are surrounded by cloth to draw the wheels. The performance was played by a woman, who driving up with a ribbon and pretended to sit cross-legged in the car. After the car there is a cart, in the cheerful, warm drumming accompaniment to perform. There was a clown amusing beside the car, baking the atmosphere. There are mainly "send Daughter", "Walk the Family", "Send public food", "former small car", "delivery car" and other programs. In recent years, with the adjustment of rural industrial structure, farmers ' life is getting richer and better, the contents of carts have changed, in addition to reflecting the traditional subject matter, people have moved grain and agricultural and sideline products to the cart display, fully expressed the happy mood of farmers after the harvest.