Shawarma Food Truck

shawarma food truck is our GL-FR220D model. It is a kind of mini food cart.Its body size is L220xW160xH230cm,about L7.2’xW5.2’xH7.5’.It is suitable for 1-2 persons working inside.

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1. Shawarma Food Truck Introduction

The Shawarma Food Truck has smart design, which has 2 selling windows. Customers can see clearly what you sell inside. You can do business in crowded part, shopping center, streets, it can attract more customers.



2. Shawarma Food Truck Information

Model: GL-FR220D


Size: 220*160*230cm

Packing Size: 230*170*230cm

For a 20 GP Container: Can put 3 sets

For a 20 GP Container: Can put 7 sets

Packing: Wooden Cases for International Standard


3. Shawarma Food Truck Standard Configuration

Water Cycle system

Double sinks with hot and cold water taps, plus   an extra hands wash   sink, 12V mini water pump, 12V battery, and on/off   control switch;


Electric accessories

Lighting device, socket, voltage governor, fuse/connecting box and external cables available;



Other accessories

A tow bar, several small window & 4 lifting jacks;




One big selling window, one door and some working tables.





4. Shawarma Food Truck Inside Show

1)   . Shawarma Food Truck Workbench

Normally, the shawarma food truck has 2 stainless steel workbench as standard configuration. The bench length is 210cm, its width is 43cm. We can also customize the bench size according to your needs.


2)   . Shawarma Food Truck Water Sinks

The shawarma food truck has 2 sinks as standard configuration. We can also make 3 or sinks based on your requirements. Especially for US customers, it’s better to have 3 or 4 sinks, which meets your country regulations.


3)   . Shawarma Food Truck Inside Equipment Customization

For our shawarma food truck, we can customize the inside equipment for you. Please let us know all your requirements, so we can suggest the most exact equipment for you.



5. Shawarma Food Truck 3D Photo Show





6. Shawarma Food Truck Customization Show

1)   . Customize food kiosk size(from 2.2m length to 4m)

2)   . Customize food kiosk color(double color is also available)

3)   . Customize food kiosk water sinks(3 or 4 sinks is no problem)

4)   . Customize food kiosk voltage(both 110V, 220V is ok)

5)   . Customize food kiosk inside equipment(like fridge, griddle, ice cream machine, oven, etc.)


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