Grill Food Trailer

gill food trailer is our GL-EF428 model.It is an electric food truck. It is with a generator box in the back.A showcase can be seen easily outside by buyers.Its size is L428xW200xH230cm size,aboutL14’xW6.6’xH7.5’.

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Product Details

1.What is the market prospect of investing in grill food trailer?

The investment in grill food trailer is increasingly favored. Then, about the grill food trailer, it is undoubtedly the best activity grill food trailer chosen by the entrepreneurs. As the saying goes, "the people eat food for the live and interesting, everyone can't live without the food and interesting." There are billions of people travel over the world, and they can't live without food every day. Dining is undoubtedly a piece of cake, related to the usual way of opening a store, a new way of dining - grill food trailer has become the demand of restaurants. For newcomers who want to start a business, grill food trailer are undoubtedly the lowest threshold and the fastest choice.


2.Specification of the grill food trailer:


grill food trailer



Max speed


Charging time

8-10 hours

Max distance



3.The details pictures of the grill food trailer:

grill food trailer with the umbrella from the side parts:


grill food trailer from the front side part:


grill food trailer inside part with the ice cream display showcase:


grill food trailer inside part with the double water sinks and the stainless steel workbench:


4. How is the grill food trailer produce

At first, it is need to make the basic frame of the grill food trailer, and also the drive equipment.


Then do the body of the grill food trailer.

The pictures is our food trailer produce pictures.


Finally add the equipment into it, and cleaning the grill food trailer, then arrange the delivery.


Ship by the container



5. We can provide the customize service for the grill food trailer including the color, workbench dimension, equipment inside and other things.

It is simple to make your logo onto the grill food trailer also.


6.Why us?

A: the produce is more professional, which we have our design team, and professional workers to complete the grill food trailer

B: the export and import is more professional, which we have export the grill food trailer to many different countries by sea or by land. Our destination port agent, also can help you check all the charges you may pay.

C: more attention to the customer’s feeling of all the product, not only the grill food trailer, but also the equipment or the details in the grill food trailer.

Our goal is to support more customers start their business in all over the world.

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